How To Create Your Own eCommerce Store And Constantly Find Winning Products! 

...Without Any Technical Skill and Huge Upfront Cost

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How To Create Your Own eCommerce Store And Constantly Find Winning Products! 

...Without Any Technical Skill and Huge Upfront Cost

Discover These 4 Secrets 

that will equip you the knowledge to bootstrap your own profitable ecom store

Finding The Perfect Niche

Learn how to make sure that you're picking 
the right niche for your store.
Learn about the pitfalls of some of the niches that I know you're already thinking of starting a store in.

Customer Avatar Research

Avoid selling to broke people!! Sounds logical but it's harder then it seems.  Learn how you can make sure that your ideal customer will actually find your shop and is willing and able to buy your products.

Trusted Suppliers

Discover how you can avoid the everyday competition and make sure that you're not dragged into the race to being the cheapest product online. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You've got everything setup in your store and now it's time to ramp up your traffic and revenue!! You will learn how to scale your store and optimize for more revenue.

Hi I'm Paul Groothuijsen!

and here's the TRUTH you need to know about Create Your Own profitable eCommerce Store!
In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now

It's Suppliers who try to sell you imported products with false promises of high end results.
But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?
Because your stores success is depending on you to make the right choice in products!
Which means if you list bad products in your store you could literally kill your conversions.
And, worst of all, most New Ecomm Store Ownerss can't get past the idea that that all ecommerce products are basically the same and they are all imported from china.
But luckily for you there is now a solution to your problem!

So if you're New Ecomm Store Owners who really wants to ensure your store is offering the best products possible, but can't cut through all the noise to decide which products are best, here's the solution you've been looking for...

Introducing "ShopiFriday !"

"Shopifriday " Helps You:

  • Help your store grow exponential with just the right top selling products
  • Leverage the right pricepoints to maximise your profits
  • See almost instant how your profits increase while selling the same amount of products
  • ​feel confident that you're doing everything you can to help your ecommerce business get that momentum that you're dreaming of
  • ​Stop listing new products that don't sell and start making more money of the products that are almost guaranteed to sell. 
  • ​... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all...

You'll Start Seeing Results With "Shopifriday " In Less Time Than It Takes A Bake A Cake And It Costs Just $97.

So again, if you're a a shopify store owner who wants to start selling product that actually sell, understand this:
  • Your ecom empire is depending on you to make the right decisions when it comes to finding the best selling products...
  • It's never been easier to find and list the top selling products in your niche than with our latest formula
  • Shopifriday unchains the unlimited potential of your ecommerce empire

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Everything You'll Get TODAY

Get Onboard With Shopifriday from Shopifriday Now!

Building a Foundation for Growth
(Setting up your shopify store)
Making sure that your shop has a solid foundation will help you with not only making more sales but it will also make sure that your shop is equipped for massive growth. 
Most people who try this on their own mess up and usually go broke.
Value: $399 
What is the best Niche For you!!
(Researching your niche)
You could sell anything that makes you money, but I have found that it is easier to maintain a store in a niche that you care about. 
Think about it, if I was selling makeup or women beauty products, I would really have a hard time answering questions of customers and I would certainly not enjoy  working on the store. 
Just because I couldn't care less about makeup :)
Value: $399 
How to make sure people buy YOUR products even though you might not have the cheapest price. 
(Creating your Product Offer)
This is priceless. 
Ecommerce has always been known for the race to the bottom. 
Someone copies your product and offers it for a cheaper price. 
This strategy makes sure that people still buy you More Expensive product over the cheaper products of you competitors
Value: $399 
Making Sales Without Running Ads
Using influencers
Crazy hack that will give you tons of visitors to your shop so you can start making sales without spending your entire budget on Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaign. 
Making the first sale is not only good for your wallet but also boosts your moral and really gets you fired up. So we want that first sale to come quickly. 
Value: $297 
Getting lost visitors to buy from you!!
(Starting Facebook remarketing)
Usually visitors that left are never to be seen again. 
However this strategy makes sure that you capture the attention of your lost visitors again. 
Instead of loosing 97% of the visitors like other stores , you will be selling to them even after they left.
Value: $399 
How to find people search for your Products  (PPC Marketing)
People are actively looking for your products, you just need to find them online so you can present them with your products. 
In this module you will see how to get in front of searching customers
Value: $399 
Increasing your Profit Per Customer
(Setting up your Email Marketing)
The more profit you make per customer , the easier it is to grow your store. Because you can spend more money on marketing and still be profitable. 
In this module you will see how to Increase your profits per customer. 

Value: $399 
How to make sure your in the GREENS 
Making 1K within 7 Days From Scratch
There is a little secret about the path to 7 figures with drop shipping
And this secret has everything todo with the products that you sell and how you sell them.
This is some NEED TO KNOW information for making a killing online.
Value: $399 
Scaling your Store
 without working more
Making more revenue usually means working more. 
With my system we make sure that you can scale your store without having to work more. 
Full integrations and automations will make sure that you get more visitors, sales, and profits without you having to feel like your back on the 9 to 5
Value: $399 

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Top 500 Shopify List + Training 
Modelling already successful stores will drastically shortcut your path to success. 
I will give you access to all the best selling Shopify stores list and will also review several stores to show you what makes them great and why they sell a ton of products every day 
Successful Stores Case studies
I dissect the best selling online stores and not only break down why they are great and make a lot of sales. 
I will also show you where they source their products from and how you can get the same products labeled and branded to your store
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